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Does a physician have to see a patient first? Download the information from the IDFPR

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Protect your business - The Illinois Department of Professional Regulation is targeting medical spas with vigor. Medical spas are being shut down after one visit from an investigator and fines of $10,000 or more are being levied against medical spa owners without warning. The only way to avoid this result is to become 100% compliant.
Protect your license - The IDPR is actively investigating, fining, and suspending the licenses of nurses, aestheticians, and physicians who are involved in medical spas that are not compliant. This means that anyone involved in a noncompliant medical spa is at risk of losing his or her license.
Changing Legislation - The Illinois legislature and the IDPR are in the midst of passing sweeping overhauls of the current regulations governing the medical spa industry. Learn what these regulations are, what they require, and how they affect your future.
Have a voice - The regulations currently in place are vague, inconsistent and confusing. The regulations being proposed are some of the strictest in the nation. The Illinois medical spa industry currently has no voice in determining what the regulations are or how they are enforced. Only by joining forces can the medical spa industry ensure that the regulations affecting it are both effective and practical.
Get connected - There is no single correct answer to the growing number of legal and regulatory issues facing medical spas in Illinois. Only by sharing information can medical spas ensure they are utilizing the best practices available to them.
Save money – Over 30 vendors/distributors have offered savings and rebates to members, including Medicis, Obagi, BioForm and McKesson. Savings can be up to $20,000 depending on quantity purchased.
Networking – Share ideas and solutions with peers so that your business operates on the cutting edge of the industry. Round table peer discussions annually.
Education – Participate in continuing education specifically tailored to medical spas so that your business is up to date on the trends, laws, and issues that affect the industry. Discounted fees to members of the Illinois medical Spa.
Online Marketplace – Gain access to a targeted audience for selling equipment, stock or employment opportunities.
Illinois Medical Spa Association designation will represent to the public that you take your career and their safety seriously.
Website Listing for your business.
Monthly newsletter with updates on business, clinical, operational, legal and regulatory issues.with updates on business, clinical, operational, legal and regulatory issues.
Updates on medical, nursing and cosmetology board laws.

Please check back as list of benefits will grow as the Illinois Medical Spa grows.